Online Conference
From Pandemic to Recovery. The Role of Development Banks.
September 9, 2020
14.00 – 16.45 (Moscow time)
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Онлайн конференция «От пандемии к восстановлению. Роль банков развития»
Сonferenza online: "Dalla pandemia alla ripresa: il ruolo delle Banche di Sviluppo"
Online Conference «From Pandemic to Recovery. The role of Development Banks»
Conferencia en línea "De la pandemia a la recuperación: el papel de los bancos de desarrollo en la lucha contra la crisis económica"
The Conference saw the participation of the major Development Banks, International Organizations, Associations and Experts from all continents. Although global, there will be a limited number of speakers at the Conference in order to make the discussion interactive, more interesting and more fruitful.
Chairman of VEB.RF (Host of the event)
IDFC Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) (Host of the event)
Secretary-General of the United Nations
OECD Secretary General
Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations
Head of the Chairs of MDBs for 2020, President of the Islamic Development Bank Group(IsDB)
September 9, 2020
14.00 – 16.45 (Moscow time)
14.00 – 14.30
Opening session "The contribution of development banks to the mitigation of the economic impact of the crisis and their role in achieving SDGs as a basis of the future recovery"
The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world into a recession that will likely be the worst in recent decades. National, regional and multilateral development banks are preparing a substantial financial response to help countries mitigate the economic impact of the crisis.
14.30 – 15.20
"Infrastructure vulnerability during the Covid-19 outbreak: assessment, policy responses and the outlook for long-term recovery"
Infrastructure financing as an anti-crisis measure and a tool for long-term development. How will private project finance and investor attitudes change? Sustainable infrastructure as a key to the future prosperity. Healthcare, social and green infrastructure in the spotlight: prospects, challenges, conditions.
15.20 – 15.30
Virtual excursion of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
16.20 – 16.45
"Perspectives for the future"
The global crisis has made significant adjustments to the strategic planning of governments and development banks. Will development banks change their plans, revise strategies, look for new sources of financing, change priority-financing sectors? Which lessons have been learned from the current crisis? Which role development banks will play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? These questions will be crucial for the sustainable future, but the conversation has just started. Rémy Rioux will present the First Global Summit Public Development Banks to take place in Paris next November to continue the discussion.